Michelle Loughery - Mural Artist and Mentor


I am an artist whose work is large scale, collaborative, public art pieces. I make community based monuments, which arise out of dialogue and exchange with community members.

Mentorship is a natural outgrowth of my work as an artist. It is part of my projects that flowed into community public art, and now I find the circle completed with a renewed interest in how community, culture, and change are part of the educational process.

I welcome you to view my collections and to see first hand how public art moves outside the confines of the artist that creates it and into the psyches of the community and its members as they embrace their own identity and heritage

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" ~ Adam G. Mignanelli 1884 - 1962

Click Here To View/Download "Shadows On The Wall" Video

Click Here to View the 3d Mural demo